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Our Approach 


Rawa holding company specializes in creating business opportunities by acquiring or forming new entities through majority stake holding and time bound investments.
Our primary focus is on the financial sector, cutting across potential business verticals in emerging economies through dynamic business strategies.

We tend to be different by identifying niche markets globally to ensure a matrix based investment portfolio.

We are closely involved in adding business value and management support to subsidiaries and associate companies through our global knowledge base.

We take pride in being creative and acting as a catalyst for far sighted investment opportunities.

We play an important role in promoting investment opportunities in the MENA (Middle East & North Africa) region to national and international investors through sophisticated financial engineering approach. We also provide investors with a diverse scope of investment opportunities, and facilitate those investments by providing clients with services that target their individual needs.

At Rawa, we strive to develop and market high quality, value-added, consumer-preferred financial products and services that exceed our clients’ expectations. We meet our objectives by investing in various fields that develop our business for the future, based on pre-set core values and principles.

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